Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A flurry of dot dot

Theres always something just on the edge of awareness.

A shadow or a light or a reflection of whatever it is.

I can feel it sometimes....when its quiet.

Those rare times it is quiet that is...the noise of now is ever present.

Or so it feels.

I have always felt old.

I have always felt pain.

It is hard to remember what anything else feels like.

It is hard to remember.


I am wise enough to know my own mind...and how it works.

Everything that exists or can exist has to go through our minds first.

Its how we all see things.


truth amidst lies.

I ignore those things that want destruction and hate...

I am against everything that promotes a fear based world ruled over by hate.

Anything that plays on evolutionary left overs in our bodies and heads to keep us from

being better than we become more than our ancestors could dream of.

Its a good dream that.

words in the quiet....wanting to find other heads to live in.

i think too deep sometimes...

caught in circles looking for bigger circles to go around in.

words fail to define somethings....

all the more reason to find new words.

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