Monday, May 12, 2014

SE - 2.5 MS after drop

start file.... xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Nearly a month has passed in old planet time...

Ive converted my spacehull into a habitat and attached it to the largest rock i could find with a hard mast.

Fortune has landed me in one of the old space lanes...lots of ships coming up out of the gravity well on slow burns.   I pick and choose which ones to hack and use for salvage.

Finally got around to building a vessel to assist in that onerous task...ship grinders go so much faster.

The archive continues to decrypt more tool plans...i hope to have things soon to make it easier to live out here...

The cargo modules make good living quarters...some quick retrofitting and its almost like home.

i should get mining soon...only so much i can pillage before something notices my efforts.

end file....xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

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