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SE - 2.5 MS after drop

start file.... xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Nearly a month has passed in old planet time...

Ive converted my spacehull into a habitat and attached it to the largest rock i could find with a hard mast.

Fortune has landed me in one of the old space lanes...lots of ships coming up out of the gravity well on slow burns.   I pick and choose which ones to hack and use for salvage.

Finally got around to building a vessel to assist in that onerous task...ship grinders go so much faster.

The archive continues to decrypt more tool plans...i hope to have things soon to make it easier to live out here...

The cargo modules make good living quarters...some quick retrofitting and its almost like home.

i should get mining soon...only so much i can pillage before something notices my efforts.

end file....xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

40 hours in (space engineers)

40 hours

even though its spread out over weeks...still a lot of time.

havent even gotten to the mining side of the game yet.

Built a long pier out of an asteroid...salvaged a couple of ships for parts...

only just made a ship to help tear down the others...takes too long by hand.

40 hours

and im still crashing into things.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Space Engineers...

Its a space simulation game designed to build stuff and see if it works....and if it doesnt how messed up it gets when it fails...

the recent update to the game added the survival mode which is the inspiration for the game itself.
lone spacer mining asteroids and making stuff to get by.

Its supposed to be set around 2077 or so....and has made some handwaving tech choices to make the game more relatable to us ground bound folks...such as gravity generators and fabricators n stuff.

Another thing with survival mode was the added lethality of croaking if your energy supply dropped to zilch.

Since they didnt want to mess with oxygen or food and waste they defaulted to energy.

Thus this post...on such implications storywise.

You are a posthuman being...copied from a human you have human ideas feelings and dreams...
your body runs on energy provided from your simulates all your needs...

If you die your mind will be broadcast to the nearest medical bay for reinsertion into a compatible bodyshape.

You have fled the confines of Earth orbit and have been deposited in the asteroid belt as a miner...taking your chances on striking it rich or at least getting by on helping the next wave of those fleeing the transhumanists back home.

Aside from the dangers of space survival...there are other threats as well...

Pirate tribes wandering the big dark...looking to take what is hard to make...

Swarms of microbots that will consume and copy themselves on to the next asteroid going by.

Radiation is hard and the life of a space miner is just as hard.

.99megaseconds ( day 11)

Its been a rough time these past few days....the jump pod dropped me off as near as it could to this mass cluster of rocks before burning out completely...ive salvaged as much as the tech from it as possible...

A grav platform and basic fab system was as good as i could make library of data survived the transit at least...not so much a workable comlink though.

I will only be able to chat with anyone who comes in range....but space is big...and we are few out here on the rim.    Coming up on the big megasecond anniversary...i am glad i made it this far.

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210 third

snagged from google street view

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naqada culture figurine

creepy looking to modern eyes naqada culture figurine