Monday, December 04, 2006

thinking of the words...




although similar i think they are really very different.

security should be a choice.

safety should be a necessity.

the world as it should be....

neighborhoods: various structures within a certain geographical localized area using the same support infrastructures.

all neighborhoods should have the following...(list is not complete by any means)

waste processing; water supply; power supply; recycling centers; markets of various sizes and supplies; community center; police and fire stations; medical center or hospital; public transit; parks; pea patch type gardens; jails; courts; cemetaries

It is my current thinking that all communities should be as self sufficient as possible in that they should not rely on city supply as much as they do...the thought is that citizens need to know that problems do not go away because they cease to be seen. Crimes commited should be punished within the area they occured in. Perhaps this is just a wish to go back to a village lifestyle...a megacity made up of villages wouldnt be a bad thing on the surface i think.

at least this is what i think right now...
i will most likely think differently tomorrow.